Customer Loyalty

  1. Look at what your competitors are doing and try to match it.
    Are they advertising, what offers are they using, how often do they advertise, where are they advertising
    Buy 1 Get 1 Free coffee, once a week in a free local newspaper, supermarket back of receipts, Facebook ads, and on their website
  2. Look at your budget and allocate an amount to use.
    Spend $1000 per month on six different types of marketing platforms
  3. Know what your ‘lifetime customer value’ is.
  • Loyalty card, buy 9 coffees and get the 10th free
  • Apps like Rewardle, where points are accumulated through the app for multiple venues
  • Facebook likes, so you can keep customers updated on the latest news for your business
  • Mailing lists to email them different offers



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Miriam van Heusden

Miriam van Heusden

Hi, I run a software company called Maralytics. My software shows you all your sales, profit, ROI and customer results from your marketing campaigns.