Analytics Expert Talks About Newly Launched Productivity Software

Maralytics Featured Analytics Expert Talks About Newly Launched Productivity Software

Meet Miriam van Heusden, the woman behind the development of one of the most innovative new software platforms designed and created for business owners in every industry. Restaurant owners know the importance of getting feet through the door and orders in the kitchen.

Good business is about more than just being “busy”. Miriam was a restaurant owner and her goal was to double her profit generation in the next calendar year.Like many business owners, she opted for working with a business coach and together they identified potential avenues where she could tighten things in the business.

As someone who values insights and accountability, Miriam found herself trying to fine-tune her marketing efforts by trying to keep track of each of her advertising efforts in a spreadsheet. Imagine recording the amount spent on each different campaign, how many feet through the door resulted, and what the profit margin was. It’s painstaking work!

Miriam knew how important insight is to growth. You have to know where your money is being wasted and where you could do with investing more. That’s how she got the idea to create a software platform that would measure the success of any marketing effort, from any industry, on any platform. Nothing like this exists. Insight is also crucial to productivity. For employers, maximising staff productivity levels can feel like a cryptic riddle and the marketplace is aware of this, that’s why there are tips, tricks, and tools galore that promise to maximise productivity levels.

Occasionally, there is a remarkable exception to the general marketing noise around productivity and a tool emerges that genuinely blows all the others out of the water. We’re all looking for something that revolutionises how we acquire our sales, how we manage the workflow, and how we spend our budgets on acquiring new leads.

Since the tool that Miriam so desperately needed didn’t exist yet, she created it! Maralytics isn’t an easy piece of SaaS software to describe, because it’s completely unique. It can’t be compared to anything similar, because nothing exists. It’s closest “cousin” product would be Facebook’s analytics tool. Maralytics measures the effectiveness of each marketing campaign you create. What makes this software so useful to business owners is that it provides one viewing dashboard of every promotional campaign you use, whether you’re using traditional off-screen avenues like newspaper adverts, or contemporary methods like online stores (like Shopify), social media, email or Google Ads. Most notably, what entrepreneurs love about this tool is that it can:

1. Track Any Type of Campaign

Access results from traditional or digital campaigns for any type of marketing activity.

2. Get Insights of Any Type of Campaign

Get insights that tell you the entire ROI story for any type of marketing activity.

3. It’s Highly Flexible, Wonderfully Convenient

Generate customised, tailor-made reports with just one click. By using multiple formats, you can gain many insights that are right for your business.

4. It Works For ANY Industry, including retail, hospitality entertainment, tourism, e-commerce, and even service-based businesses; seamlessly integrating with your current POS systems and marketing platforms.

How does this blow your productivity out of the water (in a good way?) Fine tune how you spend your marketing budget by looking at how effective each campaign is. By investing more into the avenues that truly work for you, you can get the kind of leads that generate the greatest ROI. It’s all in the analytics, you just need a tool to give you a clear and concise window into the exactitudes.

Miriam says: “getting this product from idea to reality has been a 5-year process, starting in 2016 to the launch of our beta version in 2021. We have officially partnered with other prestigious software brands, including Xero and Lightspeed in October 2021 and we will be certified with Square in March 2022.”

“We also have eCommerce and commercialisation agreements with Tyro and Shopify. As much as this speaks volumes for the calibre of the product, the true innovation of this software is really to make profit generation easier for everyday folks who run businesses. You don’t have to be a marketing whizz or an accountant to get accurate, informative, and useful data that helps you to plan and build.”

Businesses and marketers that are interested in gaining insight into their marketing efforts with cutting technology can look for this SaaS software, or visit the Maralytics website:



Hi, I run a software company called Maralytics. My software shows you all your sales, profit, ROI and customer results from your marketing campaigns.

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Miriam van Heusden

Hi, I run a software company called Maralytics. My software shows you all your sales, profit, ROI and customer results from your marketing campaigns.