Time and time again, the best way to bring more customers into your restaurant is by finding them online. What’s better is letting those customers find your restaurant online instead. In order for this to happen your restaurant needs to be listed everywhere online. Every directory and citation could lead to new customers finding you online and coming to your restaurant.

The best thing is you usually only need to do this once. …

Maralytics — 3 Steps to Improve Your Retail Business Staff’s Marketing Skills

The retail industry is a fast-moving and incredibly competitive environment that is why small businesses that wish to be relevant and successful need a strong, resilient, and consistent team of employees to be able to survive and thrive. For this, you will need a competent staff with a range of skills that can have a definite impact on your company goals. You will need to keep them trained so they are always updated and ready to adapt to any changes or challenges that retail businesses constantly have to deal with. If you are willing to invest in training your employees…

Maralytics — 4 Ways to Use Your Blog to Market Your Business on Social Media

These days, a blog isn’t optional. It’s the core foundation of an effective direct response social media marketing strategy.

To turn marketing into revenue, you must engage your audience with content that’s useful before you start to sell. Use your content to build trust, bring attention to a problem, agitate the problem, and then sell your solution. This works much better than agitating first, which more closely describes Thanksgiving dinners with an ex-boyfriend’s family and not how you want to market on social media. …

Maralytics — 7 Marketing Skill Sets to Help You Adapt in Today’s “New Normal”

It’s been a solid year since businesses worldwide have been directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It may not be over yet, but as lockdowns come and go, business owners have had to adapt to strict conditions just to continue their business operations. This, alongside ensuring non-stop marketing and selling to current patrons and potential customers who are all also hindered by lockdowns. Throughout this year of big challenges in managing and keeping your business alive, you’ve no doubt, certainly learned about specific skill sets that have proven essential during the last year.

We’ve All Gone Online

The shift for…

Maintaining a strong relationship with your customers is important for your brand’s visibility and marketing. Here are some tips to help you improve your engagement.

Use Social Media in a Right Way

To improve your engagement, you should also improve your visibility. This doesn’t only mean setting up a Facebook Page or Twitter account for the show, but it also means that you have to keep them active. …

Maralytics — How to Create a Lead Magnet That Actually Gets Leads

A good lead magnet can generate thousands of leads per month for your business. Lead magnets, those ubiquitous free offers attached to a signup form for an email list, are a great opportunity to gain targeted leads. Creating lead magnets is easy. Creating lead magnets that get targeted leads is challenging. These tips will help you overcome those challenges to create dynamic lead magnets that get great results.

Maralytics - The Most Important Skill in Content Marketing: Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most important skills a business can possess in content marketing It allows you to evoke emotion in your audience, and emotional engagement gives your customers a sense of belonging and can help you to express your values better. Storytelling as a technique is all about telling the story of your ‘brand’ via multiple channels and using various tools and methods to do so.

And yes, storytelling content can come in many different forms. It can be a video, photography, an article that you post on your blog, and more.

Consumers tend to remember information far…

Scientists have conducted research for years to unlock the secrets of the human mind — and more and more marketers are starting to take notice. Here are four ways you can incorporate the latest study results into your marketing to better cut through the clutter and get big-time results.


Think about it, why do we accept credit cards in our shops? Almost half of today’s consumers prefer credit card payment over cash. So important is the issue of payment choice, that customers are known to halt their decision purchase unless you have their preferred payment method in your store. Advancements in technology have brought about rapid developments in the methods of how consumers can pay for their goods, and merchants need to keep up or get left behind. …

How to Strengthen Your Company Through Sales-Marketing Alignment

Let’s get right down to it: All companies want smoother and more efficient sales cycles. The time it takes to bring high-quality leads from the “just browsing” phase to close directly affects a business’s success. So how can companies shorten the sales cycle without sacrificing the quality of leads and their experience engaging with your company? Four words: sales and marketing alignment.

LinkedIn’s research indicates that 87 percent of sales and marketing leaders believe that collaboration between the marketing and sales teams enables business growth, and 85 percent believe that alignment across the sales and marketing teams is the best…

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